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Chamber music workshops in schools

Regency Chamber Music Schools Workshops have been uniquely developed to provide the highest quality chamber music tuition to gifted and talented instrumentalists within the school environment. These workshops are an opportunity to encourage and develop not only the musical skills of each individual participant but also encourage communication skills, leadership and group participation. Schools Workshops can be individually tailored to meet your school’s educational requirements.

Chamber music coaching is the main focus of each project with groups carefully organised so that each participant is playing with others of a similar standard. Playing chamber music requires high levels of verbal and non-verbal communication and provides a valuable chance to develop inter-personal skills. In addition to chamber music coaching, all workshops include a chamber orchestra element which allows for musical interaction between varying ages and abilities. Tutors play alongside students in the chamber orchestra, encouraging and inspiring them to raise their level. Workshops incorporating more than one day can also include individual coaching sessions.

Schools can book workshops by the day with up to 6.5 hours of coaching. Chamber groups can each have up to five participants, the optimum number being four. All orchestral instruments and piano can be catered for. Parts can be sent to the school up to one month before a workshop to give students a chance to prepare.

Each project culminates in a concert, which can be recorded and used for GCSE and AS assessments. This concert provides a focus for the coaching sessions as well as a valuable chance for students to share their experience with families, friends and teachers. The concert also includes a short performance by the tutors, giving everyone a taste of a professional performance. The members of The Regency Ensemble are all in demand professional musicians who have extensive experience of playing and coaching chamber music at the highest level.

Projects can be booked for three, four or five chamber groups. Fees are set out below:

  • Three chamber groups: £620
  • Four chamber groups: £760
  • Five chamber groups: £900

If you have any questions, about Regency Chamber Music Schools Workshops or would like to discuss any of the above ideas, please contact Rachel Dyker by emailing or calling 07739 456 226.

2010 Dates

Tuesday 19th January 2010
Varndean School, Brighton

Thursday 11th February 2010
Varndean School, Brighton

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